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July 10, 2014


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Hugs and sad faces together. Fathers suck.


Hey lady, I had no idea how far behind I was in my reading but have apparently missed your entire summer. Glad your cat came home & Yay! Bees! Also, I just heard spankbank for the first time this weekend but you mentioned it a full month ago so I see you're on the leading edge of everything, as usual. And, last, I'm consumed with jealousy that booty shorts are even an OPTION for you. I selfishly want you to take the job, only for the stories you can tell (even if I read them 6 wks later).

I hate it when people tell me to cheer the fuck up but I love you and hope this passes. Not that it helps, but I'm right there with you. Is there such a thing as Summer Affective Disorder? xoxoxo

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