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November 30, 2013


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Maybe just exhausted confusion. I've been in the south for a week and if anything everyone is very nice. So not what I'm used to.

MFA Mama

Well, she was probably from up north :)

We're VERY nice here. At least out loud, haha!

Sent from The Precious

Lisa Twaronite

This is entirely conjecture, but....maybe she hates breastfeeding as much as I did, feels pressured by everyone (her pediatrician, her friends, her family, her husband) that she needs to make the "best choice!" for her she was trying to work up the courage to say, "MY body, my choice" and give her kid formula instead (as in retrospect, I wish I had, but I fell for the whole "breast is best" propaganda and my kids suffered for it). In which case, your note just gave her husband more ammunition.
But clearly, your intentions were kind. You can't go through life expecting every act of kindness to be rebuffed -- nor is it always easy to understand why some of them are.


Man. :(

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