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November 19, 2012


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Yes, it's completely ridiculous to call you about dog shit on a sneaker. They have a sink and some soap around there somewhere, don't they? Supervise kid rinsing sneaker. 5 minutes.

I have a relevant quote from my mother (this one is surprising because she is usually pretty finicky): "Dog shit is just part of life."



Well, i am not poor and my kid only has one pair of shoes because his feet grow so fast I'm not willing to spend the $ on more than one at a time. Hr has a pair in the closet in the next size up thanks to a BOGO sale. So I would have the same response to the call.


You are not being unreasonable at all. I can't begin to imagine any of my teachers making such a call when I was a kid. You do the grass shuffle, maybe find a stick, and then finish in the sink. So the shoe gets a little damp. It's life. And since it's school, maybe you call the janitor to remove the offending shit from the playground.


My son has gone thru two pairs of shoes in 3 months. No way he has more than one, unless you count the first pair he destroyed in 4 weeks that we held onto, briefly, with the vague thought that we were going to complain & return them till we decided we had bigger battles to fight & ate the $$$.
Shit happens.
(sorry, couldn't resist).

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