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November 18, 2012


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You have been ill. You have been stressed out of your mind (again). You hold down two (TWO) jobs. You are the sole earner for your household. Your husband has been scarily ill. You have three kids. Why the fuck WOULDN'T you feel exhausted and anaemic? In fact, there'd be something amazingly wrong with you if you felt just fine right now, because, dude, seriously?


Why dont you skip directly to iron pills and get better faster? i'm supposed to take 2 fumarates a day and there's no way i could eat enough to give me the iron i need

MFA Mama

Unfortunately, my hiatal hernia means iron pills + vitamin C = DOOOOOOOM, despite high-dose Nexium. I wake up with a sore throat pretty often even without consuming anything "high risk" for reflux. I've learned not to provoke my GI tract, and it seems to find green smoothies and red meat acceptable. Iron pills (fumarate, gluconate, whateverthefuckarate) not so much ;(


Man, i cant keep track of everything thats wrong with you

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