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November 6, 2011


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Attorney At Large

I think your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make The Wet Blanket laugh.


Oh God. Humourless people (What? I'm British. HUMOUR me). We have one at work and she's so very nice and yet, and yet. I have given up making any kind of even vaguely ironic, satirical, or frivolous remark in her presence, because the next ten minutes of EXPLAINING always make me want to bang my head on the desk.

Worse, though, is the dear person who has all the wit and funny of a breeze-block, yet persists in making 'jokes'. Verbatim repeats of something a comedian said on the telly last night, with absolutely no sense of context, pacing, or tone. Puns. Laboured, over-egged puns, with no real relevance to the conversation. And then he chortles madly and then he realises we're all smiling politely and it hurts his feelings and we all feel a bit guilty, also, like smacking him a tiny bit.

Pirate George for Halloween WAS funny. So there.


I have quite a bit of schtick--a little something for everyone, I like to think--and yet when I started my current job, found someone who laughed at NONE OF IT. It bummed me out.


I've decided it's freakish.


I do not trust people who don't laugh. They surely have the mark of the beast on their person.


Hmm, sounds like a social cue misfire of some kind. Maybe she is on the spectrum, too? Perhaps she wakes up in the night and laughs out loud when she finally gets the joke?

I try to give the benefit of the doubt but I am pretty sure most of these people need a good round of kicks in the pants. I think Jerry Lewis said it best that even the disabled can be jerks.

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