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November 15, 2011


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Excellent letter. To bad the owner in question is probably not going to read it or take your words to heart.




This! My former neighbors had a Rottweiler the size of a Smart Car that they WOULD NOT LEASH. Granted the dog was of the "stupid and friendly" persuasion, but it could have ended very badly for him.


THIS is why my dogs are not as properly exercised as I would like. There are some days I come home from work and my babies have to stay inside, not even able to go in their own yard for business because the asshole in the woods thinks it's okay to let his aggressive dog run free. Yes I have called Animal Control.

Tanner is a complete and utter love to humans, but I am nervous every time I take him for a walk because someone with an "absolutely wonderful, super friendly!" dog might be out and every one knows you just can't leash those precious fluffkins because they're so gosh darn friendly. Tanner will straight up kill them. Goes for the throat every time. I am not strong enough to seperate two fighting dogs and even have a scar on my finger from prying his mouth off another dog. He didn't mean to hurt me and didn't even break the skin of the other dog, he just clamped on my finger. If he does not know the dog, he will do everything in his power to protect me because that is how he is wired.

I leash my dogs, I'm careful to warn people, and I have even taken Tanner to reactive dog classes (he is getting better). I don't want anything bad to happen because someone else couldn't be responsible.

Sorry... kind of a trigger for me.


As you know, I have 2 danes, and out of respect for other people and not, y'know, being dumb, I would never ever walk them off-leash. In my youthful days of being scared shitless of anything lab-sized or larger, I would've died if a 170 lb dog came happily barreling toward me. In my neighborhood, there's a man with an English Mastiff and a family with a female Great Dane, and they both insist on walking them off leash. Now don't get me wrong; their dogs are better trained than mine. But they still happily rough house with other dogs and wander up to exuberantly greet people. I'll never forget the day his (off leash) 10-month-old mastiff wandered up to my (on leash) 8-month-old great dane while there were two 8-year-old neighbor girls loving on my dog. Both of the girls were barely more than eye-level with these 2 dogs and the other owner does nothing as the two dogs start rough housing (raring up at one another, play biting, etc). He even tells me, "It would really be better if you just let him off-leash." Um. Hell no. Get your dog away from my dog before they accidentally hurt these children, please and thank you. /rant


Oh! On a funnier, less ranty note, my old next door neighbor's rat terrier HATED Trajan, and ran himself ragged patrolling his side of the (8' tall wooden) fence, desperate to get at him. One day he FINALLY escaped out the front door when I was standing in the front yard with Trajan. He ran full speed toward us, stopped dead in his tracks at the border of our yards and then thought to himself, "Yeah, I can take him!" He runs right up to Trajan and then starts leaping up at him from in between his legs, trying to bite at him. He was completely unable to jump high enough to reach him. I'm dying of laughter as Trajan stares back at him between his legs all confused... and then starts humping the air above him. The other owner ran over to apologize and retrieve his dog, but I was laughing way too hard to say much in return. ANYWAY...

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