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September 19, 2010


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This is what happens when you have boys... I wish I could say it got better but in my experience it doesn't!


I do the same thing. ALL day. My fav "put your penis back in your pullup at night because if you don't you pee all over the bed"

Kirsten (results not typical girl)

My first comment just got eaten my aliens. Meh.

That's what I get for trying to comment on a different day's post. But I'm not giving up...

I'm curious what you call fanny-halitosis in your home since "fart" is deemed a cuss word.

Also, I'm blatantly disregarding copyright laws and making a new blog award. I'll be in touch because you really need it.

MFA Mama

Well, I used to make them say "poot." I know, I know! Hotter has since put his foot down and told them that they're allowed to say fart; to hear him tell it boys fart and girls poot. Live and learn!

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