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September 18, 2010


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Everytime I see your header I get all nostalgic. For Blogher. and YOU!

Also yeah, I like people of every faith. Unless you push your faith on me. Then you can suck it. I know a TON of Christian ladies who are amazing. None of them push it. None of them. I love it.

Yay lapsed jews.


That's a good service that church offers. Nice you can get a good variety even when money is tight. Good that they're not pushy with the evangelism!

Saturday is grocery day for us too. Pouring rain discouraged us from going to the farmers market, but the stores where we shop have lots of local produce anyway. And we got to visit a friend nearby and spend time with her and three new formerly feral kittens that are slowly (and at different rates) becoming civilized.

Best wishes for a sweet non-practising new year, BTW. :)

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