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September 9, 2010


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As a health care nearly-professional I can say that we do need to glove up if we're hooking someone up to tube feeding, just in case gastric juices leak when it's opened. Safer for everyone involved that way.

MFA Mama

Thanks, Melissa. That's valid, I suppose, and maybe this will help Little Child get over his issues with gloved people. The sign, though? That's just douchebaggery, yes? Also, this isn't a PEG like you use in a lot of care facilities, it's a low-profile Mic-key button so IN THEORY if clinic lady is doing it right she's clamping the extension before attaching it and there is no chance of a spill. That said, I realize not everyone has operated a Mic-key button every day for almost five years and mistakes happen so I will now shut up about the gloves.


So glad to hear that Hotter does not have Lyme Disease! Especially since I saw Lyme Life not long ago. I just hope it's something that can be treated successfully, quickly.


I'd put the sign on it because if you put "medical procedure" no one is going to question it, whereas reserved just means "What I'm doing may or may not be important, so feel free to pretend what you are doing is more important and do stuff here"

Just my two cents.

Juli Ryan

Oh, wow. I am new to your blog. Sorry you are going through all this. How very frustrating it must be! But how cute is your puppy? Want.


Tacky, very,very tacky. I can't wait until Little child learns to read I have a feeling he will take umbrage at the signs.

The pictures of Isis at the vet are adorable. I see she has already developed the parent heartbreak "no one loves me" look.

Colin uses his every time I drive away and leave him home because riding in the car is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING
in is life.


Is there any way that Hotter's rash could be related to Isis' infection? I know that Demodex mites normally do not affect humans, but since he's on immunosupressants, it's maybe something to mention to his docs.

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