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August 26, 2010


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The breeder who sold you Isis? Let me at him for ten minutes with a wooden mallet and I can assure you HE'D be paying for the puppy's treatment. The man is yea verily a breeder spelt F*U*C*K*E*R.

Good luck with the donations. Poor damn dog.


That breeder owes you a refund.....
Hope you get her better.


That breeder is a real scum bag. You should report him...somehow, I just don't know how. Animal control maybe?

I really hope enough people will help you out. If it were me and my Angus in the same situation I would do the exact same thing and hope for some kindness from others. I can't afford much but hopefully the little bit I just sent will help. I will pass the word along also. IF you do have any extra left over then feel free to pass it on to the ASPCA or another shelter in your area.



Poor puppy. Donated.

Jenny, bloggess

Sending money and love.


The donate button is not showing up... Can you email me A link ?

Deb Rox

Oh, poor pups. That breeder , argh, will perpetuate this again and again. Horrid!

elizabeth rooke

donated this morning. sure would like to know how it's going. wishing you all and poor puppy good things.


Ollie (Melissa)

I just want to love her with lots of hugs and cuddles. She is so sweet.

The breeder is greedy and therefore evil.


That 'breeder' is no breeder. He's greedy money-hungry scum.

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