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August 27, 2010


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Ollie (Melissa)

He should be turned in for being an inhumane breeder too. He disgusts me. I feel really bad for those other pups.


On the funnier side of things: yes, Ivermectin tastes positively awful!! We use the same things for horses and, well, you know how it can be hard to give it to Isis? Yeah, imagine that for a 1700 lb pissed off horsey... Somehow, human mouths tend to naturally open when you're looking up and hanging by your arms, and combining that with flying Ivermectin is just icky.

MFA Mama

HAA! Excellent point! I used to have horses and found the apple-cinnamon Panacur to be almost piquant...except when it goes in your eye. That's just the suck ;) Isis is a lamb compared to the unbroken PMU foster-babies I used to have (both Clydes)!

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