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March 23, 2017


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Is there a reason these can't be delivered to your attorney's office?

MFA Mama

Yep! As much as I hate receiving subpoenas, I don't charge myself $250/hr for the displeasure. Which makes me the better option. I haven't done anything to let the other side know who represents me for the simple reason of not wanting my lawyer to do anything more than is absolutely necessary. I'm about to tip my hand though; it turns out she can explain to the judge that my mental health has nothing to do with the assault and is none of my assailant's fucking business, and the judge will "quash" the subpoena because it is ridiculous. THAT is a GOOD use of my attorney's time, and she is working on that next week.

Sent from The Precious


Ok, fair enough! Money is a damn good reason. I'm glad she can intervene in the subpoena though, that does seem a little excessive.

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