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August 3, 2014


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Sadly I've got nothing cheerful for you but in the spirit of misery & company: we finally replaced the drowned electronics and bought a gross ton of pencils for school next week. And I went to a funeral yesterday. For a baby. So. I'll tell you look pretty if you remind me the sun is going to come up again tomorrow? xoxoxo.

Just Me

Have you ever checked out patient assistance programs for medications? Some of them allow a pretty high income and do not disqualify you for having insurance. Aztra-Zeneca is the best company I know of (Nexium, as much as you need, free (and I am on 2/day and have Medicare Part D). I've also found that many programs will make exceptions if you are close to their income limits and if you give them enough detail (Hotter's transplant is a good detail; for one med I actually broke down my income into how much I pay for Medicare premiums, medication co-pays on non-assistance meds, co-pays for routine, must-have appointments and then showed how I am nearly debt free and still barely making it on SSDI. They didn't even answer me, just sent the medication to my doctor (most meds can go to you directly).

Here is the Pristiq link (and remember, apply and ask for exceptions even if you think you don't qualify; I have 2 programs that are giving me meds that add to up several thousand dollars per year and those plus the AstraZeneca oness that I qualify for (and sample inahled steroids from my dr for asthma) keep me from hitting the donut hole which would be a near disaster.

There are also a couple of programs that reduce cost; I can't remember if you can use them if insured. and Rxoutreach was helpful for me when I was waiting for Med D; the other wasn't very much but it just depends what drugs you need.

Hope some of this might help. I was uninsured for a couple of years and if I didn't live near one of the only hospitals that has a patient assistance program that allows free care up to 400% of poverty level and these patient assistance programs I would have been bankrupt quickly because my SSDI is just enough to make Medicaid not possible.


Dude. :(

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