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May 26, 2014


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*scowls at the unmannerly rich*
That attitude might taste like shit, but it'd go real good with wiiiiiiinee! Ah. Soundtrack to my first University year! :-)


ugh, the unmannered rich are a breed that needs to be, well I don't know, but I deal with it a lot in my line of work, and there are two things that I have learned helps. 1 - I drink in the evenings. 2 - I talk about them behind their backs. I know, I'm very mature and refined.

I used to eat goose a lot when we were younger, and you certainly have to know "how" to cook them properly, and I can't say it's my favourite of the wild meat, but if a plucked goose landed in your kitchen, a nice roast would probably be well received.

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