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March 31, 2014


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No to Shittens. No.


Shittens!!! bwahahahaaaaaaaa

also: kids in our programs have made the kale and avocado brownies and they are good.

MFA Mama

Right, then: I am holding you PERSONALLY ACCOUNTABLE if I make them on my next day off and they suck ;)


I've made black bean brownies and while they were surprisingly passable, no one ate any after I transferred them from the pan to the fridge. To be fair, I am not a great cook and a worse baker.

kirs (lowercase)

hamsters have big nuts too. i remember that from when i was a kid and we had one. i believe shittens is the 'brain' child of a person working on the howard stern show. i heard them talking about thema few months ago.


Umm. I'm not sure that comment... went through? BLOODY WORDPRESS!

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