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February 5, 2014


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I feel your pain -- one of our cats is an escape artist, and every time he gets out it just makes his wanderlust all the stronger. :-\ The only thing that works for us is constant vigilance when the front door is open. Admittedly that's easier for us since we don't have kids.


There's a show on Netflix like 'My terrible cat from hell' which has a guy who is like the Dog Whisperer but for cats on it, and on one episode he had a sphinx who did exactly what you're talking about..and he had a lot of great solutions!

I am sorry it's vague but I am sure if you look up cat behavior it'll pop up!!

Wendy Mitchell

We have a couple of male cats who feel the need to mark our screen door. This, of course, makes my neutered, indoor Little Kitty Boy INSANE. I bought a SSSCAT ( training aid, which sits outside, immediately next to our screen door. In addition to keeping the cats away from our door, it also taught LKB that he REALLY doesn't want to go out that door! It's pricey, but it shouldn't take more than one can to convince him. Beware of the fact that my young granddaughters LOVE the thing and shriek like crazy with each visit--they will trip it repeatedly, which definitely shortens the life of the can!


There is Magic outside. Every puff of air, every blade of grass, every clod of dirt, rock, stray leaf, insect...all contain Magic only cats can see.

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