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February 17, 2014


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I will never drive a car without a clutch and gear shift. These paddle shifts and on the steering wheel is bullshit. That's not driving.


I have never had a moving violation!!!


I really don't want to jinx it but I totally break Hotter's generalization. Not that I would let me drive other people's cars mind you. I am just fine with my own though. My mom could totally have rocked it when she was our age though.


I feel a probably un-proportional sense of pride in saying that not only can I drive a ticket, but have a clean record, and could totally qualify for your job. *pats chest*

At 16 years old, my dad taught me to drive both a pick up truck, and a sports car, because "he would never want his little girl to be stuck somewhere and not be able to drive home, no matter the circumstances."

All that being said, what the hell - no gear shift, but only gear dial??? strangeness.


45 here and have never had a moving violation despite constantly speeding. I can't drive my son's BMW- I don't understand how a car can be both manual and automatic. How can that be a thing?


and I can't spell, "drive a stick" not "drive a ticket" - ugh.


One moving violation in 45 years of driving and I agree not having a clutch is not driving. However I'm currently stuck with an automatic, sigh... So much less fun.

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