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December 14, 2013


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Terri C

Hoping along with you...


My dog has been sick for two weeks and we thought she was dying. She is recovering slowly and gets whatever she wants since she lost a lot if weight. All she wants is chicken and rice soup so that's what she gets and lots of cuddle time. Hoping it is nothing major and she makes a full recovery.


Prayers for Isis! That poor dog got the losing end of the genetic lottery, didn't she? I hope this mystery illness passes.

Debbie A-H

I'm a praying person, so I'm praying for Isis. I'm also sending good thoughts, healing vibes, and all that. (I also do this for you when things are bad, but the bad dog troubles make me comment. Dogs, man. They grab the heart.)


I'm not a praying person, but I will rail at the universe along with you.


Sending good thoughts your way.

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