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October 8, 2013


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Sucky, crappy and full of strong dislike towards drs front end people. I have left many drs because their front end people suck. Now I can't get an appointment cause they know my condition better than me and they don't know me. I'd like to have that magical skill.


Catching up! But that was me, not feedly & I might have been a little too eager with 'mark as read' button when I was pushing 1000 (!) unread items. So. Yay, work problem solved! yay, finances! yay, cat! ...not sure how I feel about the chickens? Boo, tire.


Anyway. This was nice to read. Apart from Chicken Redundancy and nails, of course.


I vote for pardoning the chickens and letting them enjoy retirement!


As always, Mint needs to shut its whore mouth.


Kittens racing through the house for no apparent reason we call kitten visions. No kittens at our house but one of the cats who is 4 still does it. Fun!

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