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September 11, 2013


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I work for an allergist, and can get you a zero copay coupon for Epipen if you want.

It's a good idea to have one on hand, honestly. Allergies can behave unpredictably.


Keep in mind the EpiPen would only be good for Hotter or you. Big Child could /possibly/ use it, but the two smaller munchkins would be at risk for it being wayyy too high of a dose and would need an EpiPen Jr (which I would hesitate to use on Little Child considering his medical issues). I'm supposed to carry a pen since I'm prone to anaphylaxis but, lacking a purse or backpack, I typically don't. Sometimes the dose is too low to help anyways (I had a dose over double that once and it still didn't open my throat), but ymmv.


Ummmm excuse me. I was the first to call a bunion :)

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