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September 9, 2013


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We have had more than one dog get us up in the middle of the night for "nothing." i simply put the guilty party on a leash and take them out. As much as I hate doing that, it puts a stop to the nonsense when they realize that mom is not happy and they aren't going to be able to just wander and sniff. Our current baby really did need to go out sometimes at insanely early hours, so I now supervise her last trip out each night to make sure takes advantage of the opportunity and isn't just wandering and enjoying the night air. It has definitely cut down on the early morening nonsense.
Good luck.


I have a dog with seasonal allergies. He is turning into an asshole also, possibly because of the allergies flaring up? He barks, and scratches, and wakes me up in the middle of the night with his big stupid head in my face panting for no reason. Also was just pronounced healthy by the vet last week. Last night he got kicked out of my room in the middle of the night (much as you describe Hotter doing) because he started acting like he was going to throw up, but then when I jumped out of bed and turned on the light, he was like, nah, lady- gotcha this time! I think that he gets a benadryl tonight.


I think that the above two comments are definitely valid. My dog has severe allergies and she does get upset in the fall. Also (and I know I sound like a quack here), dogs are known to become like that when one of their family members are ill. Dogs can sense if there's something going on in someone's body before we can. I realize this is far fetched, but it's worth a thought...


The Old Fart used to do that...during thunderstorms. Yes, our big bad huntin' dog was askeered of thunderstorms, gunshots and firecrackers.

I have NO idea what is setting Isis off, except that I think you are spot on with the whole anxiety panting thing. I hope you don't end up with a neurotic dog.


My little dog is an asshole, but has always been so no suggestions for Isis. Mine likes to jump on me when I'm sound asleep - 30# of dog landing my unprotected gut.
She also likes to stick her nose in your face to steal, er, sniff your breath. It's especially awesome to wake up with a dog nose practically in your mouth. Yum.

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