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August 14, 2013


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Hrm. Eau Moheli? Eau Jeune? No idea, really, just that Joe sounds kind of like the french pronunciation (kind of!) for water, eau.

Hah. I'm no help, clearly!

May It's a British company that makes glorious and fancy-as-fuck colognes and soaps and bath oils and so on. My mum is very fond of them.

Your poor poor armpit. Oh vey. And sympathy on the oops overdraft thing. Ugh.


Sorry, hit post too soon - re: Jo Malone, they are Expensive, as well as fancy as fuck. Warning. You deserve them twice as much as anyone else I know, but Universe is Twatweasel about who it gives money to.


There is a brand of perfume by Jo Malone - so you were spot-on with the name! - and I know it's sold at department stores so probably between $50-100? Not sure ...I know it's a popular brand as I've seen it mentioned in many beauty/style mags ...


You got it exactly right! It's Jo Malone.


Gurrrlll, leave that waxing to the professionals.

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