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August 28, 2013


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I keep forgetting that NSAIDs cause thinning blood. I will now stop taking MY forbidden ones, and hopefully stop walking around dripping red stuff. Also, yeah that is TOTALLY the symptoms I had when my L5 went boom. Love and healing thoughts for you


I never have any useful comments about bees or etsy or ebay but I do happen to know a bit about backs: DO THE EXERCISES. Also? Core strength. Your top half can stay upright resting on those spiky fragile jostling things, or on your gloriously strong abs. The latter hurt less. And if you have the time go to PT now, before things get stuck where they are. It'll be a glorified combo of the exercises on the sheet but if you get someone good they're generally helpful in that they tell you to omg, sit up straight, no wonder your back hurts!


Oh good crikey your poor poor back. Yay for medicine and insurance and stuff!


About freakin time. Take care of the bulgy disk and take the
Muscle relaxers at night so you don't drive stoned and they have a lasting effect. Ill
Zap myself a few times for you.

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