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July 23, 2013


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Do you even know /how/ confused my Aspie head was at the Ms. Virginia bullet until you made the comment about the Brazilian?! So much more logic! Uhm, be drunk? That sounds like the only feasible pre-game option.


Been doing them for a decade. Take a few Advil before. It will still
Hurt but not as bad.


Don't do it. You're prone to infections, and other problems. Waxing is just asking for trouble.


Gah. No. OUCH. Never have, 'cause... OUCH. How many random left over child birthing pills can you take in advance? Or maybe a bottle of vodka? Also, what happens in 3-4 wks? But let us know.


I was wondering about the Brazilian upkeep as well - it seems like commitment to regular maintenance, or a guarantee for a prickly aftermath!


Yay! Being able to afford things is the best!

Never waxed my Virginia but used to get my legs waxed when I had this insane rash/crazy irritation thing on my calves. I can't recommend it. Any area larger than your upper lip should not be waxed - ever.

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