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June 17, 2013


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The pre-existing condition rules changed about 18 mths ago for kids, for adults it is Jan 2014, and I'm counting down the days because husband is stuck at his job until then, as at our house we have hairy cell leukemia, after efects of necrotizing fasciitis - including wound care anda colostomy, sinus pericranni, hydrocephalus, a strange clotting disorder & rheumatoid arthritis. Thankfully that's the list for 4 people. I know way too much about insurance rules.

MFA Mama

Celeste - that is what I thought. I'm still going to ask Anthem because I'd *rather* the nut-job was correct about this as that would give me more time to get my insurance situation sorted. Oh, innernet peoples!


I have had both drugs, no significant difference for me other than price. Effexor did seem to cause the sweats at a higher dose for the first two weeks.

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