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May 11, 2013


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First, yay job! 2nd, office politics...crap, how much time do you have?
I don't know what you're doing but since it's thru a temp agency I'm assuming it's in the admin category. And our office burns thru admins like dry wood in the summer so I have plenty of stories. The friendly chatty popular admins? Always end up the worst gossips and while the boss may seem perfectly happy chatting with you, inside she's monitoring all the time you're spending not getting shit done. (Global 'you', not you-you). And the less fun, slightly odd people that are at the wrong end of the gossip are the people that ARE getting their shit done -they always stay and the gossips always leave & that's why we (yes, we're talking about me now) cannot be bothered with the bullshit. Also, I haven't learned your name yet because I'm busy at my desk working while (global) you have been flitting about getting everyone's life story, and trying to figure out mine (my daughter is NOT up for discussion), so I don't expect you'll be staying long term, it's not because I'm an asshole. Well, maybe a little.

Wow. That came out of no where. Maybe a little more pent up hostility than I expected? Yes, we've had some really fun (sarcasm) admins. Just keep your head down & get your work done. Hugs to you-you. Oh, and yeah, no fish, popcorn, bubble gum, stinky food, perfume, coffee breath, or personal hygiene at your desk, including nail clipping/filing (have I mentioned my VP clips his nails at work? Gah)


What Krir said covers all the bases I was going to cover. Good luck on Monday and Happy Mother's day today.

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