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March 30, 2013


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Oh oh oh, can I join? I have a service dog who
I swear to God above has multiple personalities, one foster cat who hates me, and a brand new mama cat and her 6 (!!!!) babies who meow all night long because mama cat wants to come cuddle me instead of them. And a snake, but he's actually chill. :p


My youngest dog thinks poop is more fun to eat than playing with me outside, but he's totally in to kissing me after (NO! FUCK NO!) and the older dog thinks it's funny to have great honking hairballs and act like he is dying. There is no medication or food for dogs with hairballs BECAUSE THEY AREN'T SUPPOSED TO DO THAT!!

The bunnies think it's hilarious to flip the food bowl over. Right after I fill it.

But we love them anyway... I think the touched up tattoo is badass, by the way.

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