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March 15, 2013


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Hissing fucking cockroach??? that's a real thing??? Oh Ma GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have told the boy we are a cat and dog house only. no fish, no reptiles, no snakes, no rodents. Now I have to add no insects.


I? I am also filled with angst re: google reader.

But, well, the cockroaches are kinda cute. The entomology department at my old university-employer had a big glass case full of various bugs including giant cockroaches (lots of stick insects as well) and I used to waste many minutes fascinated by them when I was in the building. Maybe your littlest offspring could content himself with stick insects? Because those are maybe less creepy? But also you're in the South, so he doesn't want a giant cockroach so much as a size-xl palmetto bug!


As someone who lives in an apartment with a persistent cockroach infestation, the idea of a fucking giant roach... displeases me. I'll stick to my snakes.


I kick Google sharply and repeatedly on the ankle.

Cockroach? Good God all-flaming-mighty.

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