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February 21, 2013


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Hey, look on the bright side of raises. I'm the only part-timer of all the people in my position, so even though I'd been there longer than some, I didn't get the dollar raise that the rest got.

Bosses suck.

Starling Krutz

I hope the excema flareup passes quickly, as well as the rest of the less than stellar things going on at the moment ...

(Not my first marriage), I have decided that it's a cyclic thing, ranging from a little better than ordinary, ordinary, and then the dreaded oh crap less than ordinary ... fortunately it seems to move from one to the other with regularity. As for me and mine, we have never achieved that giddy bliss after the first phase - but I chalk that up to health, money and kid issues along with our naturally crabby personalities. I know it's not like that for everyone, and some couples seem to maintain the honeymoon level for many many years. They are lucky and I assume they appreciate it.

You go, a raise - that's always a vote of confidence regardless of what's going on it the upper realms ... yay you!

Onward! As my Mom was always saying - the first 100 years are the hardest and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger (I think I got my sarcasm naturally :-) )


Yikes - sorry.

Attorney At Large

Raises are always good. Marriages are always a lot of work. Checking accounts are always skirting the edge (in my world, anyway). I'm sorry it's sucking right now. I've been there and can't blog it and...yeah. I get you. Hoping it is all better soon.

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