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January 24, 2013


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Starling Krutz

Hooray for the improvements, and boo hiss for the possible credit to being gluten free.

It will give you something new to experiment with in your "spare" time (haha) If anyone can find a way to make the gluten free life more palatable, it is you.

Good luck!


Udi's gluten free bread products are pretty good, but I find I need to toast the bread. And I have found I actually prefer gluten free pizza crust (there are many more pizza places offering it now).


When I was gluten free fro a while, I used sorghum flour as part of the mix. It adds crunch and flavor. For sweet things, investigate almond flour and OMG coconut flour! is high in fiber and adds this delicious delicate nutty toasted coconutty flavor that is totally not overpowering but just kind of acts as a bottom note and supports all the other flavors.

IMHO, Bob's Red Mill is really reliable for gluten free in both price and quality. But gluten free bread tastes like ass. Try adding herbs, nuts and fruit to add some freaking flavor to it. Otherwise, it's like tepid water.

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