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August 17, 2012


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i prefer "swell, up like a tick", that's how I read it anyway.


Mama - if you are having neck problems and recently had dental work done you might consider getting your bite checked. I once went to the Dr. for an ear ache. She asked me if I'd had dental work recently because ear looked OK. Went to dentist and had my bite readjusted - ear ache went away. Good luck!

MFA Mama

Well, it's certainly possible that that's what caused the flare-up, but the neck issue in this case predates the dental work. My dentist adjusted my bite quite a bit on Tuesday so I'm going to give that a chance to settle down (my current hormonal state is probably to blame at least to some extent as well) and see how it is in a few days before doing anything rash like involving a medical professional ;) Thanks for reminding me of the possibility though--if I still have problems next week and end up seeing a doctor I will definitely bring it up!

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Laughing like hell at the "avoid eye contact" part.

Ouch on the pictures. My husband keeps threatening to set us up for automatic back-ups to The Cloud. But hell. What would we do without all that underlying tension and angst about the possibility of all things dear and digital going "poof"? Dare I suggest a second opinion? A local geek (or geek squad, perhaps?)


oh i need the PMS buddy! I have an IUD so there is usually little to no forensic evidence and i always get taken by surprise (or by snark).

MFA Mama

YES, YOU DO! It saves lives. I make it a point to remind myself that I can always strangle Hotter in three days if he needs it. He never does, the poor dear man :)

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Oh PMS buddy sounds wonderful. I could schedule din-dong-ditch chocolate and wine delivery for that day and lives would be saved.


Scheduled chocolate. Oh. Em. Gee. How did I NEVER think of that???? This is why I love your blog and your comment-ers. !

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