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July 29, 2012


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I don't know where to start except if there's any borderline personality involved here, it don't belong to you...

horrible, horrible people. i'm sorry you have to put up with that crap.


I remember the Eliza Doolittle years. I'm so glad they are behind you. Wish everyone else could move on.


Wheeee! Happyfuntimes. :/

julia valentine

Attention Ladies Who Talk Shit (LWTS); think about something bigger than your petty gossip. I have an idea for you- start with these links;

LWTS, it's time to free your minds of senseless drivel that revolves around other people. If you do not like MFA, don't read her. If you don't want to donate to her causes, don't donate. Use the gift of your human brain to think about and act on things that are meaningful, not gossip.


You're a lying mcliar!!!;) holy wow what a hot mess this all is. And they really need a new hobby


It's sad. Some people really do seem to perpetually have storm clouds over their heads. For some reason a lot of people think that those of us who live under those clouds either want/like them or are lying/exaggeratting to get attention. I don't get it.
Don't really know why I wanted to say that but there it is.
'tragedy porn' have to remember that.

MFA Mama

Lisa: I know exactly what you mean. FWIW I don't get the impression you like/want a bit of your "dark cloud," but just try and go on about your business in the rain. You haven't let it turn you unkind or stopped trying to offer what support you can to others in similar straits, and I think that shows true character and grit.

While I have never liked/wanted my own personal cloud either, at times I have laid down in the rain with a meteorology textbook and allowed myself to feel like a total fucking victim. It wasn't a good look, and I finally did get up, but I may have friend-dumped mySELF during those dark years. It's not the friend-dumping on these people's parts I take issue with. It hurt my feelings at the time but shit happens. Their subsequent obsessive search for and recruiting/evangelizing of other non-fans of mine for the express purpose of whipping eachother into a hysterical faux-righteous indignation, though, the threats to my family and livelihood, the repeated contact at holidays and before events I looked forward to...well. That's what I call outright evil. If I was really as unstable as they say, what kind of person would go "hey this mentally brittle nutbar conned her way into primary custody of innocent children! Let's poke her with a stick a whole bunch and try to make her snap!" Nobody with any human decency.

I think, no, I KNOW (and so does the rest of the innernet if they've done their homework) that these people have their own personal demons and mental health concerns. I think a lot of what they do is projection, plain and simple, or the understandable desire for someone else to blame for their own shit. I'm just REALLY tired of being that person.

Sent from The Precious


Sorry you have this to cope with as well. I don't personally know anyone that has not endured a lengthy period of hell in their life. You've managed to keep trying, applied sweat and creativity in working towards sustainability and even managed to keep a sense of humor.

I found it best to attempt the difficult to source: "be kind, everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." Just keep going, just keep doing the best you can do. The best revenge is to surviving as yourself, your terms, your choices. Others only have the control you relinquish.


Am flabberghasted. Why in the name of wonder would ANYONE spend so much time poking away at someone else? It's... it's... it's like the ninth circle of creepy. And all it says about the poking person is, 'You, sir/madam, are FUCKING CREEPY.' And that is officially Not A Good Thing To Be.

Am also baffled, because when my life is having a tits-up crisis, I withdraw. The LAST thing I'd do is wander about the internets looking for people also having a tits-up crisis so I could needle them. The LAST thing. Just after I'd sliced my own feet off with a scythe and posted them to the Mariana Trench sort of last thing.


Their collective behavior is disgusting. I hope this post does "shine the light on the cockroaches so they scuttle away".

I think you're really brave to finally call them out.


I hope you are finally able to put this behind you now. The whole situation sucks.


@MFAMams, Thanks. I wasn't really worried but the reassurance is nice since I was remembering similar in type nut not degree stuff.

I've just given up at times myself. It happens. (And I like the friend-dumped myself way of putting it) Other times I have been open to help/change and actively seeking it out. Sometimes needed resources just aren't there no matter how hard someone looks, how dire the need, or how good the person. Many people don't like being reminded of that and so behave badly, I think anyway. Not that any of my neta-bs really changes how it feels to experience their actions or changes their actions into somthing less morally questionable at the very least.

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