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July 26, 2012


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And anyway, short men are hot. They must be, or you wouldn't have had 3 kids with XY. QED. Please feel free to delete that and jump up and down on it if it's skeeving you out now.

I have a young relative who fell on a concrete step aged 4 and split their head open. Now, five years later, there's still a visible scar on the kid's forehead. So THIS year is the year kid's father freaks out about the scar and how it's spoiling kid's looks. FIVE YEARS LATER. And, incidentally, upsetting the kid, who up until this point didn't give a horse's arse about the scar, indeed, liked showing it off Harry Potter stylee. AUGH.


Not an annoyance, but you saying "frigging giants" made me laugh really hard. I have no idea why. Probably because I'm kind of punchy.

What IS getting on my nerves is my half-assed idea to teach/enable Ezra to get out of his bed when he wakes up (LIKE A BIG BOY IN THE MORNING, I THOUGHT WONDERFULLY) and now he gets up randomly 1-2x a night appearing bedside. What the hell was I thinking?

Am stoopid.

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