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June 19, 2012


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A friend who teaches special ed has lots of students with IEPs allowing for iPads (many of her students -- who are admittedly low functioning -- have them). I don't know if he'd qualify to get one, but it's worth a shot!


AAL just said what I was about to say. I've been told (for mine) that, too...worth checking out. And who the eff actually grades handwriting anymore?

Bionic baby mama

Screw handwriting. I was a super nerd in school and thought I was just not the kind of kid who was smart enough to be a straight-a student, because I knew I would never get an a in handwriting, even though I tried very hard. Nothing at all to do with being a year younger than everybody else and ambidextrous.... Would it have killed them to notice that?

Congratulations to everybody! Love the hair.


Love, love, love the hair. Sorry to miss the accompanying smiles.


That is some bogus whatnot to grade (GRADE!!) handwriting. Bogus and antiquated.


Handwriting is such bull. I can score damn near the genius level on an IQ test and started college at 14. My writing literally looks identical to when I was told it needed significant improvement back at age 8. Grading on things like that is ridiculous and a terrible reflection on a person.


I know that an M in Handwriting, esp given the issues is aggravating, but I will say that handwriting trouble can be an indicator for some students of deeper issues - sometimes it is vision issues that the child can cover up in everything else, but when it comes to copying letters or copying from the board.... sometimes it is undiagnosed OT issues, sometimes it can signal a learning issue...
So as much as I know the aggravation of your child (or yourself) a lower grade than you'd like to see, it can be important. It led to you being able to add some OT to his IEP...for me, it was the realization that I needed glasses!

And yes, many people have bad handwriting. My father's was terrible and he was one of the smartest people I've ever known - so it's not a reflection of intelligence, just a reflection of fine motor skills and some other things like that. And it is still important to be able to write quickly and neatly...can't use an IPAD on the ACT or SAT for most of us, and still have to be able to take pencil and paper notes in handwriting still needs to be taught. I don't think it should factor in the whole "grade" thing in elementary school, just simply because so often it is a developmental issues. The program Handwriting without Tears is a great one - especially if an older kiddo needs some help improving handwriting - not for appearance sake, but so note taking and essay writing in class is physically faster and easier.

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