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April 21, 2012


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What did the old biddy say to that? I hope she left several bags of groceries on your doorstep.

MFA Mama

I have no idea, although she DID say SOMEthing. I was dangerously close to bursting into tears and didn't want to make THAT big a scene, so I turned on my heel and went inside.


Ditto. You hear that, you go strait to grocery store, with maybe a stop at the ATM along the way to fill an envelope. Or at least bring over a goddamn gooey cheese casserole. But then again, the person most likely to hie hisself (?!) to the grocery upon hearing that neither notices nor cares about his neighbor's garbage can.

On a not totally unrelated note, a goddamn pipe burst in our house, on the upstairs of course, so... flooding and a massive homeowners deductible. Is it next month yet?


Your neighbor definitely has a Rich People Problem. Poor thing...looking at a trash bag! teh horrors!1!!! oh noes!eleven!

*swoons and faints*


Yes to ALL of all this.

It is never possible to know all of the circumstances and reasons behind something.

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