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February 27, 2012


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I... maybe burst into tears reading about Middly thanking you. I'm going to be sending lots and lots of positive thoughts towards you and Isis and... damn the whole family.


Oh, how I wish I had something positive for you. Having been bumped around in the SN world, I *know* better than to say I had the same thing (happen to my dog!) and it was fine! But it did and more than ANYTHING else, I hope your puppy's fine too.


I just want everyone (dogs included) to be better, and soon, is that too much to ask Universe? The MFA family has been through enough all ready! sheeesh.


The trolls can fuck it. Dogs are part of the family, and sometimes they take priority.


I'm sending good thoughts your way. FWIW I would have made the same decision about the dog. The dog needs immediate medical attention but Hotter's dental issues have presumably been going for some time so don't fall into the "emergency" category.


Hotter agrees with everyone. At the moment the most important thing is getting Isis better for everybody's peace of mind.


Hotter is a good egg, and trolls can go hang. And a speedy recovery to Isis.


I just looked at my comment and realized it looks like I'm cursing your family. I'm not, there should be a comma in there. Sorry!

MFA Mama

Heh. I didn't even notice.

Sent from The Precious

The Zany Housewife

Oh Criminy.

I don't even know what to say. Okay, I do, but it involves a lot of cursing. I hope everything works out for you and the fam. You need a break like I need a job. Here's hoping you get one soon!

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