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January 17, 2012


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Just as long as you don't start rolling your own tampons out of yesterday's newspaper and dental floss...

MFA Mama

Oh, please. That is just ridiculous. 

After all, I have had a hysterectomy!


I am excited to hear of your green potions.

And T wants a goat in a bad way. Mostly to pet but also to eat.


I knew you shouldn't have eased up on the XY even after his accident!
I knew he would return to his old self eventually.
You are a great parent!

I'm admiring your ability to give up products - I could never do it.
It has always been my dream to give up Science and have a small farm with goats and chickens.


i have had GREAT results with making my own shampoo, which is so easy (and cheap!) it's ridiculous.
of course, you've probably read about the whole baking soda/vinegar thing, so i won't outline it all here or anything, but suffice to say, it works just fine and doesn't dry out my ridiculously dry hair, so have fun! it's worth it. and did i mention it's CHEAP?

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