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November 1, 2011


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The XY seems like such an IDIOT, seriously. He can't be bothered with visitation half the time, but he's going to sue for custody?
Maybe CATHERINE will talk him out of it. Full-time stepmothering and part-time stepmothering are entirely different things.


You just dropped that custody thing in there, didn't you? Are you sure? Maybe he wants child support.I guess that's what the wedding is about. With any luck the bride will figure it all out and bolt.

MFA Mama

Well, no, I'm NOT sure, but our final decree states that custody is still to be litigated and the only two things keeping him from proceeding have been lack of money and lack of reliable after-hours childcare for when he's on call. So. I doubt he'll prevail but he fights very, very dirty and has already attacked my mental, physical, and moral fitness in court. I'd rather make the judge's decision an easy one in the name of saving stress and billable hours.

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Where to start on what's wrong with this picture of how child custody should work...sigh.

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