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November 20, 2011


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awwwwww nothing is better than some doggie loving!!! Love her little white almost bone shaped mark on her back. She looks a like a sweet lil pit who used to live next to me until my crazy ass neighbors freaked when she grew up!! She was still the sweetest lil girl and I'm afraid of big dogs so that says a lot!! Oh yeah, relatives blood or married related, can all suck at times!!!! Enjoy your lil time off you deserve it!!!


Awwwwww that huge old head needs kisseses

Hairy Farmer Family

'protective of my own serenity'
Now there's a phrase I should totally say more. Nice one.


Boundaries are GOOD.


probably not just good for your serenity but good for the kid as well. kids need to learn that what you say and how you treat people can have consequences. am in the midst of trying to teach this to my gentle 5 y/o - can only imagine how little of that the step is getting.

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