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November 22, 2011


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Yay, don't give up!!!!!!! The landlord will have to wait. Don't lose that job or it all goes to shit.

Jackie @JackieSTaylor

I love you.

that is all.

Keep swinging.


best. vlog. ever.


Speak to the landlord, warn him the check might be late, you will get this sorted, you've overcome far worse.


I'm crying like a goddamn baby right now. damn you and your shiny stars. Happy Thanksgiving.

Katy (Taxmom)

What city do you live in/near? Send it to me via email : keayer at (rhymes with sea-mail) if you don't want to post in the comments. I had a thought, fwiw.


Crying and wanting to give you a hug.


You just made me cry all over my desk, thanks.

But really, that's an awesome story and I'm sending all my thoughts your way! *HUGS*


The most beautiful post i've read in a long time. Thank you and hope it gets better soon. I know you'll get through it because I believe in Middly.


sniff, "dat would be akward" sniff with tears running down my cheeks. Middle Child what a gem!

You have you're very own rooting section lucky you.

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