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November 18, 2011


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Attorney At Large

I am so, so sorry. Hugs to you. You have probably already thought of this (although if I were in your place, I would be freaking the eff out and not thinking -- certainly not able to put it into words!) that the drug companies do make meds available at lower cost for people in need. If ever a situation called for it, it would be yours.

Hugs. Good luck.


God almighty, this is so wrong. Many many hugs. So sorry.

MFA Mama

Even if we get help from drug companies or charity with meds we'd have to spend that $7k eventually or Medicare wouldn't kick back in. We're pretty much just fucked. 

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MFA Mama

Oh and AAL, I already had the 45-minute panic attack. Now I'm just numb.

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This makes me want to cry.

Reading (and chickens)

This is wrong in so many ways. I'm so sorry.

MFA Mama

Oh, whoops. Typo. The transplants were in '03.

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I've heard of the medicare donut hole, and I think it's the stupidest thing ever. What's the point? Gah. It makes the brain explodey.

So, so sorry and I hope you make it through this.


Thank you George Bush. I'm also in the donut hole but only for $3.5K. However it's my understanding that the clock resets on January 1st, of course I got that info from Medicare so who the hell knows.

Good Luck


Oh. My. God.


yeah. and that's why almost no one i know has health insurance, or anything like it. bullshit like this.


OMG! The donut hole is the most ridiculous thing ever devised. I remember when my elderly parents hit the donut hole in the middle of some health issues. It severely depleted savings meant to give them a living cushion over their meager retirement incomes.

OK, so you will have to spend the money, but maybe not all in one month. Try to get the assistance you can. Apply for anything the state offers in disaster assistance, talk to the doctors and drug manufacturers next week!

Can you make something (I know, your copious spare time) like your scrub that people can rally around and get others to buy for holiday gifts, too? I really enjoyed the last scrub.

It is terrible that someone so capable in capturing the moment in words is not more in demand! Use your writing skills. Send letters to your representatives, letters to the editor. People need to understand that it is not the layabouts that are screwed.


Oh, man, that's rough. I'm sorry. :(


This just makes me flail and froth at the mouth and rage against the dying of the light. Good people who did what they were supposed to in order to have the American dream are getting screwed, blued and tattooed. I am angry. I am sorry. I too am the 99%.

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