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October 20, 2011


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Honestly Wondering

How do you justify the expense of an iPhone when you can't afford car insurance?


In answer to your question about how we're all doing... I want to roudhouse kick this week in the face. Actually... the last two weeks. Maybe three. Either way, I want to do some kicking. And honestly, nothing has SERIOUSLY happened to me. Just stress, and grumpiness, and disappointment. It's my friends and internet people who have had the shitty stuff happen. But yeah.. this whole week I have WOKEN UP wanting to kick something in the face.

But speaking of shitty stuff happening to others, uhhh... what the hell was up with your yesterday? I would maybe call the hospital and ask why Hotter was reacting the way he was after those vaccines. And your car? And the creepy guy? Who failed to immediately fix the hot water situation? Those things can all die in a fire.

And to Honestly Wondering above me... I have a smartphone and car insurance, and if someone rammed the back of my car, I'd still be up shit creek without a paddle. Deductibles and all that jazz.


I hate parking tickets. And I am sorry that Hotter looked like death. I hope he is feeling better now.

I have been feeling sad and Lowly Worm lately and can't seem to shake it. It's bothersome.

MFA Mama

"Honestly Wondering" - I got it for very little with the contract renewal for my wireless plan, and at the time I was under the impression that I would be employed with Super Nice Company until the end of November. I freely admit that it wasn't my most judicious purchase; if you go back in the archives I got the thing in a state of shock after getting some bad medical news. *shrug*


Stoopid week.

Attorney At Large

Dude. This week has SUCKED. I don't know why it isn't Friday yet and why a mysterious benefactor hasn't deposited a million dollars in my bank account....because that is what it would take to rescue this week!


*gives K a super huge puffy hug* I'm feeling much better, by the way, so ya'll can stot scheming to seduce my wife.


Honestly wondering, the answer is Noneya (dam business). I'm sorry your week sucked. Venting is allowed.

The hospitals here have free valet parking, but I wonder how long that will last...?


Sorry you have had such a bad week. This too shall pass, right?

Our hospitals have free valet parking, too, but fail to tell you when you arrive at 3 p.m. that the valets leave at 4 p.m., so you have to walk a half a mile to get the security guy to find your keys and round up someone to locate your car so you can drive back to the other side of the hospital and pick up the not-so-patient, waiting elder.

Given that you can get an iPhone ranging from free to $100 with contract, I'd say they're a pretty judicious purchase after all. They are life changers, durable and I think cell phones are no longer "optional" utilities (especially when you have people with medical issues at home)!

MFA Mama

Thanks for the vote of confidence :) It has absolutely been a life-changer; I used it to take notes on the data-entry aspect of my most recent long-term temp job and they thought I was some kind of freaking genius. I also don't have a home phone and need to be reachable to my family no matter where I it's a portable external brain. iPhones = Jobs' gift to unmedicated ADD! Funnily (or not so funnily) enough, every hospital in town EXCEPT Local Teaching Hospital has free valets...LTH charges and is ALSO the only hospital in town that accepts Medicare & Medicaid. *headdesk*

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