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October 5, 2011


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Attorney At Large

Hope you heal quickly, and definitely it's worth counting blessings for!


Ridiculous infection. What had you been using this finger for, exactly? I'm not exactly a believer in Karma, but this seems suspicious ;)

MFA Mama

Perhaps in retrospect fingerbanging all those nuns was unwise.


We get staph infections all the time! & ugh, how I loathe them. My youngest daughter (19mnths) has one that just started grossly draining under her arm about 5 minutes ago. I had one lanced once & refuse to ever have that done again.
Anyways, feel better with all your meds!! They are without a doubt, painful....


Awww - sucks about the finger but it's awesome to see you in a happy place, even if said happy place is a little island surrounded by oozing pestilence.


I feel you, I have that all over my's terrible and painful and blargh..though I only get two antibiotics not five scripts what the eff.


I am thankful that you work with such lovely people and that they pay you well.


I am so happy that you have Hotter. He treats you with the respect and dignity that you so rightly deserve. And lovely people to work with, what a bonus!

Take care of the finger and get well soon.


Glad you went in. Cellulitis is nothing to dick around with. Especially if you have autoimmune issues.

Gear grinding gear shift: The "Old Cock" sign in the previous post filled me with joy.

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