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October 12, 2011


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My hex upon stalky cannot be big enough to undo their asscobbery. So I shall double it and repeat it often. Watch your step stalky, it's a nasty one. Just kidding! It's sunshine&rainbows. Pretty things like flowers too. You'll enjoy it!


The stalker sounds scary and out of control. I'm so sorry about this and that today was such a f-ed up day.


Oh, the chickens, the ducks. DAAAAAAAAAAMN. So sorry. And the massive anxiety attack - internettily rubbing your shoulders and bringing you tea. And damn it all to hell and back in the rustiest cart in the West.

I do wonder what has gone so horribly, miserably, tragically, uglily wrong with Stalky's life that the only way they can make themselves feel (temporarily, sourly, nastily) better is to fuck with you. I can only assume Stalky is actually in love with you, and these are the antics of Hell Hath No Fury Like A Stalky Scorned. (See, Stalky? This is what your behaviour makes us think of you. Be told).


This, along with all the other things, just screams mental instability. I will hope really, really hard that they grandfather you in. It's not that big a difference!


I have no words.

I want to say how angry I am about all of this and how ridiculous and SCARY the expenditure of this individual's energy is and just a boatload of things.

I'm just sorry, friend, that you have been piled on.


Stalky's behavior leaves me speechless and with steam blowing out my ears. Such petty behavior is unacceptable. Keeping my fingers crossed that you are grandfathered in.



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