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September 1, 2011


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HA! Bwaahahahaha!

Wacky Lisa

Interesting, no one has ever mentioned STI/STD testing during any GYN or annual visit I've ever had regardless of who went with me (parent, girlfriend, boyfriend, the man I call 'hubby' but am not legally married to, etc ). I just figured that was something that GYN's and GP's don't do and that everyone went to Planned Parenthood or a specific STI testing clinic to get it done.
Learn something new every day. :)

MFA Mama

Lisa: I'm kind of shocked! Maybe I just look like the friendly-legged type, but before I was married they asked me every year, and when I showed up after leaving the XY and the OB/GYN asked me what I was there for I didn't get any further than "well, I just left my husband, and..." and she filled in the blank with "post-marital dissolution STD screen?" Today's NP assumed a lot of things though, actually (for example when she asked about my last period and I said it'd been a couple of years, she said "oh because of breastfeeding?" and I had to correct her and say "no, hysterectomy"). So yeah, I think your healthcare providers are a little negligent on that account, and/or MY healthcare providers think I look like a lactating whore.


Yeah, Lisa, I think that's a bit odd as well. Ever since I'm claimed sexual activity, they've always been clamoring to test me for STDs. I let them do it once, after which I stopped because I have had one partner, and he hasn't had any new ones.


okee dokee, she didn't check your chart before charging on in there? HYSTERECTOMY is kinda hard to miss. sheesh.

MFA Mama

Ha. Apparently not as she not only accused me of lactating (when my youngest is six? I mean, I know some do that, but...) but also asked me what Hotter and I were doing for birth control (HA! HAHAHAHAHA!). Oh well :) 


I love it when po-faced people we're meant to listen to and respect break into the giggles don't you?

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