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September 20, 2011


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:( I'm sorry.


Oh, I'm so sorry. This just sucks.


Oh no. This is so horrible. Seriously, not-even-an-iPhone-can-fix-it horrible. I am so sorry, my dear. Many hugs.

(And also, what deity did you piss off in your younger days? Because that is one VINDICTIVE sadist, you know?).


oh FUCK!


Many hugs! So very sorry.


I don't have any words - I am so so very effing sorry.


No words can say how sorry I am about this. You did not deserve this

Hairy Farmer Family

Ahh, lovey, that is absolutely Not Fair, and unbelievably bad upon bad. You've had such a tough year already, and now this? Underhand play, Universe, and beneath you.


I am giving you a hug.


oh what nasty news, sending some hugs your way

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