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September 22, 2011


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Tara Wright (@DumpYourFrump)

Horray for new teffes! And what on earth is that lovely gold item. Who cares!? it's fantastic. Thank you for the Samuel L Jackson link. SO good. Just so so good.


Ummm... how is it possible to look that cute when you have Ms. Piggy's cousin attached to your face?

YAY FOR TEETH! And yay for things looking up (eye sight aside... awkward). I like seeing good things happen.


Okay, that was a brilliant caption (once again, snorting diet coke while reading...). Is the brooch so those in the know will know what you're planning on doing that night? or what you'd like to be doing? that's one for keeping the partner/spousal unit/hottie 7-11 clerk interested...

sf sex toy

Hope to hear some updates on your toy win! ;)

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