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June 2, 2011


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Morgan B.

You know how everyone jokes about how married people never have sex? THIS is why. *sigh*

PS: An easter silk dyed cooter sounds kinda pretty.

MFA Mama

If only they hadn't been silk MICKEY-MOUSE boxers. The paisley might've looked cool. Mickey's  asinine grin plastered across my junk? Now Disney is ruined AGAIN. This is worse than that time I married a Children's Entertainer and he'd leave his giant Mickey head perched on the top shelf of my closet staring down with its sightless eyes until I ran out of clothes.


So Hotter is #3 husband? Or is the XY the former entertainer?

MFA Mama

The latter. Yeah. I literally married a clown and expected it to end well. This is why twenty-one-year-olds shouldn't get married.


All of this is cracking me up. A LOT.

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