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May 6, 2011


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I bet you needed that; I'm so happy you got it.


This made me smile so much.


Very sweet.


Love this. Many hugs. Many many hugs.


Go Middly! and you, for putting on the happy face and going .... that's what counts, now and when they look back.

Here's hoping that there are more rays of sunshine in the mix!

I've been a lurker since the olden days, and always really enjoy reading your blog, especially since we just got chickens :-)


Oh, heavens. This made me cry. I am sniffling in a quiet library because this post is why I think you are so fabulous--you never stop working hard for your kids or your family or for yourself.


Aw, Middly. What a sweetie!


I'm totally crying right now. I've been behind on reading till last night but then couldn't think of anything funny or cheerful to say because sometimes one just needs to vent & I find it's only OK to point out how much worse it could get to yourself. And sometimes 'chin up' doesn't seem enough.

So I'm left with the ubiquitous "I'm sorry it sucks right now". Your son is spot on.


oh you made me cry. You are a fantastic mother, and your kids rule


Mother's Day and I have issues. The Narcissist had a way of ruining all holidays when I was growing up, reminding everyone how we were letting her down, and so naturally a holiday all about her was extra-awful

My brother and I always said that no holiday was truly complete until our mother told one of us, "You've ruined my birthday/Christmas/Thanksgiving/Valentine's Day/ Arbor Day/Fourth of July"

Nice (well, not exactly nice, but you know what I mean) to know we weren't the only ones.

Ollie (Melissa)

Could you just die from the sweetness? Man oh man. I think I'd have melted into a buttery puddle of tears and syrup. What a good kiddo you have there.

Also, hot bubes, ladyfriend.


Such a wonderful post, thank you for bragging about such a lovely child! And good on you for being the mom he deserves!


Awww, both for you and Middly. You are a great mom and you make him so proud of you. Go Middly go how sweet is that kid and the hidden gifts that have been discovered with the meds.

Lucky family


I freakin' love everything about this post. You made what was a suck day for me a million times better, and I thank you for it. :)


What a beautiful post! Oh yes, I'm crying. What a great kid you have! Glad that school is going better for him. Hope you are feeling better too.

Bionic Baby Mama

aw, shit. now I'M crying.

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