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April 24, 2011


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Oh, FFS. Really? Seriously? Does CATHERINE know the conditions of the custody order?

And ear-candle. Jesus wept.


that's awful... but a part of me wants to know more about her wacky beliefs. I just love me some wacky stories.
I hope your baby is OK now. Ear infections are the worst. Poor kiddo.

MFA Mama

Yes, actually CATHERINE! and I have discussed this issue extensively and she is aware that a) overnights with her are verboten per a judge's orders and b) I am not inclined to help conceal any breaking of said orders from the court so clearly this is just more evidence of either the XY's influence on her or her own idiocy.


Not condoning, but will share that otherwise-apparently-normal-(& allegedly)sane coworker tried the ear candle & said it helped. Granted, it was not on a minor, much less on someone else's minor but she is normally quite pro-western-medicine and it sparked a conversation w/others who'd heard of it so it does appear to be A Thing. NOT THAT I'M CONDONING IT.

MFA Mama

It wouldn't surprise me if "ear candling" did offer some very temporary relief of ear pain, as usually any kind of heat will do that. It does nothing, however, to alleviate a raging infection, and if it's done with the patient lying down (which is how most people apparently do it) there's a risk of molten wax trickling into the ear canal, which is BAD. But yes, it does appear to be A Thing, and if grown adults want to pay top dollar for "ear candles" and shove them into their ears and light them on fire then it's a free country...doing it to someone else's kid though, in lieu of much-needed medical treatment for a painful infection with fever? Not cool, not even close. My main beef with this is the fact that the XY substituted his girlfriend's judgment for his own (which is bad enough already, but apparently he'd been leaning toward taking the kid to the doctor AND SHE TALKED HIM OUT OF IT), SHE made a decision about medical treatment which is NOT HER PLACE, and my kid suffered all weekend because of it. Also there's the matter of the whole "violation of custody order" thing...grr...

The Zany Housewife

Not cool. I'd be tempted to box that woman in the ears. Why on Earth would she feel it okay to do that to someone elses kid??


Oh goodness...there is bona fide research, with placebos, microbial cultures and other objective data that clearly indicates that ear candling is nothing more than a placebo effect. As you stated the wax (or flame) could have done some serious irreversible damage to your child's anatomy....

Seriously your XY decided flaming stick of wicked wax is more appropriate than trained, educated, licensed medical professional.

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